Barista Skills Professional

This level is suitable for a professional barista who wants to pursue specialist knowledge at a high level. It is designed to test advanced skills and detailed knowledge of the science behind processes used, the successful candidates should have a detailed understanding of their ingredients and of the techniques available to maximise the quality of the drinks made. They should be able to manage the skills of others to produce quality drinks and provide excellent customer service. They should be able to maintain their equipment to ensure continued quality.

Course Outline

  • Awareness of roasting level of coffee and the related contribution to
  • Understanding of how changes in brewing parameters affect flavour from differing varieties, origins, processes and
  • Evaluation of various grinder features and different types of
  • Evaluation of latest features on espresso machines and extraction measurement
  • Demonstration of advanced latte art pattern and good techniques for improving micro- foam

Course Fee

  • Duration: 16 hours (in 2 days)
  • Fee: S$ 958
  • Pre-requisites: Holding the Barista Skills Intermediate Certification is a mandatory requirement.

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